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What Damages Can Be Caused By A Spinal Cord Injury?

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Many people each year suffer from spinal injuries in different accidents that cause the different types of physical curbs affecting them for a lifetime. Generally, people know that the spinal cord can cause paralysis and disability but not many individuals know that it can come up with other issues as well.

If someone you know or you yourself have suffered whiplash or damages to the spinal cords. So you need to contact an experienced spinal cord attorney and a doctor for the spinal cord or whiplash pain relief. An attorney can answer all your legal issues and assist you in getting your maximum possible compensation.

Types of spinal cord Injuries:

Spinal cord injuries can be of two kinds, complete and incomplete injuries.

The incomplete injury of the spinal cord includes sensation and movement in the body even after the injury. If the spinal cord is partially injured, the patient can recover some of the spinal functions. In this case, the paralysis is temporary but if the injuries are severe the mobility and functions can be affected in the limbs.

The complete injury in the spinal cord is entirely damaged, that discontinues all the mobility under the neckline. The affected areas cannot feel any sensation or mobility. In this case, the paralysis is permanent and can affect one or all of the four limbs. But in some cases, the patient may regain some of the functions through proper medication and physical therapy.

Problems caused by Spinal Cord Injury

The injury of the spinal cord can result in many other problems that can be:

  • Losing physical functions
  • Mental Shock
  • Emotional shock
  • Repeated neuropathic ache
  • Repeated muscle contractions
  • Basic lifestyle variations
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Damage to numerous nervous system functions
  • Anxiety and depression

Major Complications:

Following are the major complications faced by spinal cord patients:

Bowel Function

Once the spinal cord is damaged the bowels function of the body is also ceased therefore the patient has to start a routine bowel performance. This requires the assistance of another individual with immobility of the lower organs.


The spinal cord injury sufferers may go through depression. The condition of paralysis can cause mood swings, change thoughts and reduce the standard of life.  While absorbing the change caused by injury a patient can stuck in depression. The working person can suffer more depression when he is not able to work or go back to work.

For assistance contact an attorney

In case of spinal cord injury contact the experienced lawyer, he can determine whether your claim is valid or not. FREE Colorado Springs personal injury consultation can lead you to a better understanding of your case and compensation of the wages lost, medical expenses and other property damages.