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What Are Some Strategies for Defense Against Sex Crimes Charges?”

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In Nevada, sex crimes are considered one of the most horrific offenses and, in most all cases, treated as such. If convicted, the penalties you may face for sexual assault, or any type of sex crime, are highly severe and usually include lengthy jail time and mandatory registration as a sex offender.

A lengthy prison sentence will, of course, interrupt your life (and that of your family.) However, the additional penalty of registering as a sex offender will directly and negatively impact your job opportunities, future housing, and social opportunities for you and your entire family.

For these reasons and more, it’s mandatory that as soon as you are charged, you obtain the guidance and professional help of a Las Vegas sex crime law team. They will immediately and profoundly analyze your case’s aspects and work aggressively to mitigate the charges against you.

Some of the most severe sex crime charges you can have against you are:

  • Being accused of rape.
  • Involvement in sex trafficking.
  • Lewdness with a minor.
  • Child sex abuse and child pornography.

However, even if these charges are levied on you, a professional, experienced, and aggressive Las Vegas sex crimes lawyer may be able to reduce or even dismiss your charges by using aggressive plea bargaining and a solid evidence-based defense.

For example, your Las Vegas criminal defense law team may use one, or more, of the following defenses:

  • You (as the defendant) are the victim of false accusations.
  • Your accuser agreed to the sexual contact per Nevada consent laws.
  • No sexual contact occurred.

You must note that every sex crime case is unique in its details and scope, and the sooner your sex crime defense lawyer knows the facts, the sooner they can fight for your rights. As soon as you are charged, your lawyer will often work to “get ahead” of the prosecution and mount a rational defense that could mitigate your charges to a lesser offense or have them dropped altogether.

In reality, “time is of the essence” in these sex crime cases, so professional, aggressive legal advice must be sought as soon as possible.

What Are Some Of The Best Defenses Against Sex Crimes in Nevada?

You must note that if charged with a sex crime, the various specifics of your charges, the time & place of the incident, and all pertinent details matter. Your Las Vegas sex crimes defense lawyer must know every detail to formulate the best defense possible.

Consent (of both parties) is a prevalent defense in cases involving sexual assault. If your “alleged” victim consented to sex, no rape, or sex crime, occurred.

However, there are myriad ways to fight a sex crimes charge; some of the most common and most effective are:

  • Mistaken identity – Someone did assault your accuser, but the police have the wrong person.
  • Consent – Yes, sex did occur, but the alleged “victim” did consent at the time.
  • Discrediting your accuser – Your “victim” is proven to be biased against or has another motive for the accusation.
  • The police violated your rights when obtaining their evidence against you.
  • “Made up” or false accusations, and more.

Remember that any sexual crime charge in Nevada can be life-changing, and rapid, thorough, and aggressive legal representation is mandatory.

Can My Sex Crime Charge be Reduced To a Less Serious Offense?

Reduction or lessening of your sex crime charge can occur, and this is where the experience, knowledge, and aggressive nature of your Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer will be invaluable.

Always note that every case differs, but overall, the harder your criminal defense lawyer fights for you, the better your chance of having your charges lessened or receiving a highly favorable plea deal.

The severity of your sex crime charge is paramount and could result in a life sentence. Therefore, your sex crime lawyers will aggressively attack every single fact levied against you by the prosecution. By doing, and in many cases, it is then possible to undermine the prosecution’s case and get you a favorable plea deal, and much less severe penalties can be negotiated.

The fact is, you have no time to waste, as your freedom and your future depend on it!

How Is My Sex Crime Charge Proven in Court?

Your criminal defense lawyer will explain that the prosecution must prove the burden of proof and show “beyond a reasonable doubt” that every detail of your sex crime charge is valid.

If they can’t do that, your charges are typically negotiated to a lesser charge, dropped, or dismissed.

The state requires physical evidence, which is almost always used in a sex crimes case and carries a great deal of weight.

Depending on the specific details of your sex crime, this evidence may include the following:

  • Medical records proving your victim suffered physical harm.
  • Examination of the victim by a doctor or specialist.
  • Rape kit results.
  • Physical signs of force include bruising, scratching, tearing, and more.

The prosecution may also use the following:

  • Phone records between you and your “victim.”
  • Text messages, emails, and other communication between you and your victim.
  • Pictures or videos of the situation, incident, where it occurred, etc.
  • Eyewitness testimony of bystanders, etc.
  • Witnesses who saw your crime before, during, or after it happened.

Your experienced, thorough criminal defense lawyer will always aggressively fight for your rights and work tirelessly to disprove any (or all) of the evidence against you. You have rights, and your lawyer will ensure they are upheld.

I Have Been Charged With a Sex Crime; How Should I Proceed!

The severe and life-changing nature of any sex crime allegation, and the penalties involved if convicted, could impact your freedom and your life long after your sentence has been served.

Therefore, you must obtain the best professional legal representation possible. Additionally, you must ensure that your rights and interests are upheld and adhered to from the very beginning of your case.

Consulting and following the advice and guidance of a winning Las Vegas criminal defense must be done as soon as possible. Your sex crime lawyer will fully understand what prosecuting attorneys and law enforcement officers will try to do to put you behind bars.

Don’t give the state the time it needs to formulate a case against you! Allow your sex crimes law team the time to counteract any strategies developed against you and fight to give you the best outcome possible; your and your family’s future depends on it.