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Juvenile Defense Laws in Las Vegas Explained

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Law Offices of Mace J. Yampolsky Criminal Defense Las Vegas Explains Juvenile Defense Laws

When it comes to juvenile defense laws, Las Vegas has some strict policies dictating what ages are considered as juvenile, and how specific types of charges will be handled. The Nevada juvenile court will handle cases in which a child under the age of 18 is alleged to have been delinquent, in most cases. However, a minor could be charged as an adult in certain specific cases, namely:

  • If the child is accused of having committed a serious felony, murder, rape, robbery etc. and
  • If the child was 14 or older at the time of that serious felony

In the Juvenile Defense Laws, there is a certification process in which the juvenile court “Certifies “that the juvenile shall be tried as an adult. Since the punishments are so much more severe, we always try to keep juveniles in the juvenile court system.

A juvenile that is facing a delinquency charge under the Juvenile Defense Laws has the same right to an attorney as an adult. If the child cooperates with the process then the judge has the option to dismiss the case after a suitable period of supervision. With the juvenile defense laws Las Vegas hopes to give young people the opportunity to be rehabilitated and to go on to lead a normal life as a productive member of society. If your child has been accused of delinquent acts, you can protect his or her interests and future by hiring the best juvenile criminal defense Las Vegas has to offer.

You should hire a lawyer since the juvenile record can result in your child being expelled from school, especially if the crime happened on school grounds or on the school bus. Other indirect consequences of a juvenile record can follow your child into adulthood, even if he or she is not expelled from school.

Understanding Juvenile Defense Laws in Las Vegas

The Juvenile Defense Laws in Nevada offers a number of potential punishments for juvenile delinquents, including, but not limited to:

  • A fine
  • Community service
  • Suspension of their driver’s license
  • Detention in a juvenile facility

The juvenile court primarily hears cases where the defendant is under the age of 18. However, since not all cases are resolved quickly, there can be cases where a defendant is over 18 but under the age of 21, and is brought before the juvenile court because of their age at the time the alleged crime was committed. In the Juvenile Defense Laws, this right for someone of that age to be heard in a juvenile court is important because juvenile charges are likely to have a lesser impact on the life of a young person than charges that are given in an adult court. In juvenile court the number one goal is rehabilitation not, punishment. The exact opposite is true in adult court. Minors usually lack the judgment and maturity to make good decisions consistently

Criminal charges and delinquent charges are vastly different in the Juvenile Defense Laws, even if the crime that the person committed is the same thing and the only difference is the age at which it was committed. The unfortunate trend in recent years has been to transfer juvenile crimes of a more serious nature to the adult system, which negates the intent and purpose of an enlightened juvenile justice policy. It is a short-sighted approach since once the minor is transferred into the adult justice system and convicted as an adult, he or she often faces insurmountable difficulties when it comes to returning to a normal life.

Children in Need of Supervision

In the Juvenile Defense Laws, Las Vegas, Nevada has a classification for certain juvenile offences of ‘child in need of supervision’. This is designed for certain minor offenses, such as repeated truancy, running away from home, or breaking tobacco or curfew laws. Some children that are classed as ‘in need of supervision’ are also delinquent and vice versa, but there is not always an overlap.

Getting a Fair Trial for Your Children

If your child has been arrested, you are probably feeling anger, shock, and disbelief. It is perfectly normal to feel angry at your child while worrying about how a conviction might affect his or her future. Your child still needs your support and help despite of your anger and disappointment.

In the Juvenile Defense Laws, if your child is accused as having committed an offense and you are worried about the trial process, remember that you have the right to an attorney. The court could choose to provide parents with a public defender if it believes that the interests of justice require that there be one present, you can not afford a private attorney and if the court documents the reasoning for this in the records.

All US citizens, including juveniles, have the right to counsel when accused of a crime. Many juvenile defendants have no option besides using a public defender. Public defenders are dedicated lawyers that work long hours and do everything within their power to help these young people. However, the have enormous caseloads, which leaves them with little time to give every case the attention needed, which is why you should consider hiring a private lawyer. NO public Defender can spend the amount of time on your case that I can.

You need to hire the best juvenile criminal defense Las Vegas has to offer who will devote the time required and pay close attention to your child’s case, and who can protect the rights of your child by keeping him or her in the juvenile defense system.

The lawyer you choose should be capable of working within the juvenile justice system for the best interests of your child, without imposing barriers to a meaningful life. If your child has already been certified by the court to be tried as an adult, the stakes will be even higher.

Employers may not dismiss an employee for them having to attend juvenile court.

The law requires that the young person is informed of their rights, and that the officers who arrested the child make an effort to track down the child’s parents. Depending on the crime that the young person is accused of, the officer has the discretion to release the child once the parents have provided written confirmation that they will ensure that the child attends court.

There are some instances where detention is necessary and that the child will be held in a secure facility. Children who were fugitives or who are considered to be a flight risk will be detained, for example.or if a firearm was used in the offense. However,m we are often able to work out a rep tiral plan so the juvenile can remain out of of custody: GPS monitoring,house arrest etc

If your child is facing charges, then get in touch with a Las Vegas attorney that specializes in juvenile cases like Law Offices of Mace J. Yampolsky Criminal Defense Las Vegas. They will be able to offer you advice and ensure that your child is tried in the correct court, protecting their future and giving them the chance to be rehabilitated properly and fairly, if they did indeed commit a crime. Children deserve the right to be treated in an appropriate way considering their age and their cognitive development at the time that the crime was committed, and while the juvenile justice system is set up to ensure this, it is always valuable to have someone fighting in your child’s corner.

Hiring the right juvenile defense lawyer to represent your child can make the difference between returning to normal life as a law-abiding citizen and a life of crime after falling under the influence of hardened criminals in adult prison. A lawyer that understands the system and cares will give your child a chance at a better future.

If your child has been arrested or questioned, you need to hire the best juvenile criminal defense Las Vegas has to offer. The juvenile defense lawyer should be there when you and your child need him/her to provide advice, advocacy, and protection to get your child back on track without having to say goodbye to a meaningful future. So you should hire the best juvenile criminal defense lawyer Las Vegas has to offer. Learn More about Mace Yampolsky here.