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If I Intend To Plead Guilty To A White Collar Crime, Should I Hire An Attorney?

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You need an attorney to represent you in almost every white collar case, even more than you do in a street crime situation. Even if you are intending to plead guilty, the terms and circumstances of that plea and which additional restrictions are required to your behavior are all negotiating points. Having an attorney ensures that your rights are respected in the gathering of the evidence and the resolution of the case. Often, white collar criminal defendants tend to be in disbelief that they have done something wrong; they are sometimes the last person to be able to accept that fact. Without an attorney to protect them from themselves, they can be their own worst enemy.

When Should I Hire An Attorney In A White Collar Criminal Case?

As soon as you believe that there is an issue, immediately hire an attorney. Anything that you say will be used against you; it will not be used for your benefit. Even if you have not been contacted but you see something in your workplace that you have a pretty good idea is not okay, you may want to consult with an attorney. If you are in a position of responsibility, you might have professional obligations to report or stop ongoing criminal activity.

What Are The Collateral Consequences Associated With A White Collar Crime Conviction?

The collateral consequences in white collar crime are oftentimes more stark than the custodial time. If you are a hedge fund manager, for example, and you are convicted of financial impropriety, you cannot work anymore. We are talking about people who have been in the given industry for decades. This is why it is so important to hire an attorney immediately in these cases.

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