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How does White Collar Crime Affect Society

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How does white collar crime affect society? The typical image of white-collar crime is men dressed in business attire engaging in illegal activity and profiting from it. Most people believe white-collar crime “just happens” and that the typical person rarely experiences its effects. White-collar crimes, however, differ in number and severity and have a variety of adverse effects on society. 

What Are White-Collar Crimes?

White-collar crime, as the term would presumably lead you to believe, is a crime committed by someone who holds a respectable position in a company and works in a reputable field. The term alludes to the suits and white shirts that employees in certain jobs, like business, would wear while on the job. 

These days, the phrase describes a wide range of individuals who carry out these activities to make money. It is not believed that the offenses are violent. Most often, as you have just seen, they are committed by businesspeople, government officials, and those in professional positions. 

5 Common Types of White Collar Crimes

There are five types of white-collar crimes, including:

White-Collar Crimes in Las Vegas

Corporate Fraud

Corporate fraud refers to actions made by a person or company that are dishonest or illegal and provide the person or entity with an unfair benefit. Price-fixing cartels, insider trading, unethical loans, financial report fabrication, and any other illegal activities that manipulate stakeholders are examples of this.

One well-known instance is the Enron scandal, in which debt was concealed, and unethical accounting techniques artificially exaggerated business profits. For example, in the Volkswagen emissions scandal, a corporation fabricated testing for diesel engines to comply with harmful emission standards in the United States.

Financial markets can become unstable, investor trust can be damaged, and substantial financial losses might result from corporate fraud. To stop such incidents in the future, regulatory agencies frequently amend their regulations and scrutinize cases more closely.


Embezzlement is the corruption of funds or assets entrusted to someone, frequently in a business setting. A breach of trust is a characteristic of this white collar crime.

Rita Crundwell, the former comptroller in Dixon, Illinois, is well-known for embezzling $53 million from the city to support a lavish lifestyle. Her crime had grave consequences for Dixon, including the personal consequences of being found guilty and going to imprisonment. As a result, Dixon experienced financial difficulties.

Employees may abuse their positions in trust by transferring money into personal accounts, fabricating invoices, inflating costs, or committing other crimes. Years may pass before this abuse of trust is discovered, resulting in serious financial harm.

Ponzi Schemes

An investment fraud known as a “Ponzi scheme” occurs when funds supplied by newer investors are used to pay returns to previous investors instead of money made through actual business activities.

It bears Charles Ponzi’s name, who in the 1920s duped thousands of people in New England into participating in the postage stamp speculation scheme. Investors are drawn in by Ponzi schemes’ promises of significant gain at low risk. But for them to continue, they need a steady stream of new funds. These scams usually fail when finding new investors or when many want to pay out is hard.


Extortion is using force or threats to get something, usually money. It’s a white collar crime that people in power frequently commit. An official in the public sector who requests bribes in exchange for awarding contracts is an example of extortion. Extortion victims may experience emotional distress, financial loss, and, in the case involving businesses, harm to their reputation.

To obtain what they want, extortionists may threaten the victim with violence, reveal harmful information, or play on their fears. Extortion is illegal and is punished with varied penalties depending on how serious the conduct is and the local laws.

Bankruptcy Fraud

False information, asset concealment, or bribery connected to a bankruptcy proceeding are all examples of bankruptcy fraud. It’s a type of white collar crime involving both private citizens and corporations may perpetrate. It can involve avoiding making debt payments, safeguarding assets from being liquidated to pay creditors, or taking advantage of bankruptcy laws to make money.

Fraud involving bankruptcy can cause creditors to suffer significant losses since they might not get paid as much as they should. In addition, it compromises the reputation within the legal system and exposes criminals to harsh punishment including imprisonment, fines, or both.

What are the consequences for individuals affected by white-collar crime?

Individuals affected by white-collar crime often experience a range of consequences that can have profound personal, financial, and emotional impacts. 

Some common consequences are:

  • Financial Loss: Victims of white-collar crime often suffer significant financial losses. That can result from fraudulent investment schemes, embezzlement, or other financial crimes. Individuals may lose their savings, investments, or homes, leading to financial instability and hardship.
  • Emotional Distress: The emotional toll of white-collar crime can be substantial. Victims may experience stress, anxiety, depression, and a sense of betrayal. A breach of trust, especially if the perpetrator is someone they knew or trusted, can be devastating.
  • Reputation Damage: For business professionals or companies affected by white-collar crime, reputation damage is a significant consequence. Losing trust from clients, partners, and the public can have long-lasting effects on professional and personal relationships.
  • Job Loss: Employees of companies involved in white-collar crime may face job insecurity or job loss due to the financial repercussions on business. In cases of embezzlement or financial fraud within a company, innocent employees may suffer the consequences of downsizing or even company closure.
  • Loss of Property and Assets: In fraud or scams, individuals may lose property, assets, or valuable possessions. It can include homes, vehicles, or other valuable items in fraudulent transactions.

Addressing the consequences of white-collar crime requires legal action, support networks, and financial planning. If you are a victim of these crimes and want to consult with a white-collar crime attorney in Las Vegas, call us at (702) 385-9777.

White-Collar Crime Attorney in Las Vegas

What should you do if you were accused of a White Collar Crime?

Find a reputable criminal defense attorney who can help you with your case if you have been charged with a white collar offense. White collar crime cases can take years to develop. Trained professionals should analyze the evidence and information necessary to create your defense. 

How to find a criminal defense attorney?

Look for a Las Vegas white collar crime attorney who is passionate about their work and has proven experience in the state where you are accused. According to the American Bar Association, defense counsel is the client’s professional representative, not their alter ego. On behalf of their clients, defense attorneys should behave while adhering to the law and accepted norms. 

How Does White Collar Crime Affect Society?

The impact of these white-collar crimes on society will be examined, to name just one last but most important aspect. The appropriateness of the punishment for these white-collar crimes has been a topic of much debate over time. And even though they aren’t violent, they have the power to cause more irreversible harm to a person’s life than a gunshot wound. 

Numerous victims of these white-collar crimes lost all of their financial resources, which has destroyed their families and finally driven them to take their own lives. In other situations, a larger network may allow the pyramidal scheme to have a more significant impact on more people, and these multi-million dollar white-collar crimes may even cause businesses to file for bankruptcy. 


White-collar crimes are less violent than other types of crimes. Still, they are pretty dangerous and threaten the safety of many individuals and businesses in society. It is preferable to handle these claims with the help of a white-collar crimes attorney.

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