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Exploring Drug Crime Defense Strategies With The Help Of Drug Crime Lawyers

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How Severe Are the Drug Laws In Nevada?

Drug charges and enforcement are taken very seriously in Las Vegas and all of Nevada. Even a first offense of unlawful possession of schedule I-IV drugs (Ecstasy, Meth, Heroin, Cocaine, etc.) is usually prosecuted as a category E felony. Usually, it gets you a prison term of 1-4 years.

This is vital that you know because Nevada law charges almost all drug possession cases as a Category E or Category D felony. This means that many seemingly low-level drug crimes can get you prison time of up to four (4) years and potential fines of up to $20,000.00.

There are varying penalties and punishments for many types of drug possession crimes. It’s important to note that there is no weight requirement for certain drugs in Nevada for you to be charged with a  felony drug offense. Following the Nevada state legislative law NRS 453.336 on controlled substances, your drug possession penalties depend on many factors, such as the schedule the drug falls under, the amount you are caught with, and whether you have prior convictions for drug-related crimes.  

What’s vital for you to note is that most drug-related crimes in Nevada are charged as a felony.  Accordingly, most all felony charges carry harsh, possibly life-changing, penalties, so no drug charge should ever be taken lightly.

However, your skilled and experienced Las Vegas Drug Defense Lawyer will often be able to uncover issues with your arrest and charges that often lead to a reduction of your charges or their complete dismissal. So, if you are charged with any drug crime in Las Vegas (or all of Nevada), you must consult your criminal defense lawyer immediately. No matter how simple the drug charge may seem, your freedom and future will always be in jeopardy.

What Are the Most Common Defenses to Drug Crimes in Nevada?

If you’re charged with any possible felony crime in Nevada, you must immediately enlist the advice and professional guidance of a qualified, experienced criminal defense lawyer. Defending yourself as soon as possible is always in your best interests.

 There are myriad things to consider regarding the seriousness of any drug crime, including the circumstances of your arrest, whether the charges are valid, your upcoming trial, and much more. The one strategic thing that will make the most significant difference in your case is your defense.

Your experienced, aggressive, and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer has a variety of legal strategies to use when defending you against a drug charge. But each case differs, and so will the strategy behind your defense.

Your unique defense will be fitted and shaped to fit your case’s special conditions and facts. However, some of the most common defenses in any drug case are:

  • Entrapment – In this situation, you could have been persuaded or induced to commit an offense by the arresting officer. This is done so that evidence can be obtained to prosecute you.  Your lawyer may show that you were not predisposed to commit the crime without the inducement or persuasion of the officer.
  • Police misconduct – It’s sad but true that some police will go the extra mile to exaggerate facts or participate in misconduct during their investigation.

Some examples of police misconduct are:

  • Making false statements regarding testimonies and reports,
  • Improper handling of evidence in your case.
  • Undue pressure on you to admit your guilt as an innocent person.

Your trial-hardened and aggressive criminal defense law team will work tirelessly to uncover any type of police misconduct and protect your rights.

  • Reasonable doubt – The standard proof in any criminal case is “proof beyond a reasonable doubt.” To be convicted, your jury must believe that the prosecution’s case has proven, with solid evidence, that proves your guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Reasonable doubt is an often-used defense strategy in drug cases and many others.

How Does Your Criminal Defense Lawyer Create Your Defense?

When you’re accused of a  criminal drug offense in Nevada, it is both frightening and overwhelming. Always note that the quicker you consult with a criminal defense lawyer, the better your chances are of a good outcome. Your legal professional representation often will decide the quality of your defense and your case’s outcome.

Your thorough criminal defense lawyer will analyze your case to create a solid legal argument for your defense.

The following are just some of the ways you will benefit from the guidance of a skilled lawyer:

  • Your lawyer has the legal knowledge needed for your specific case.
  • An experienced criminal defense lawyer knows how to work the legal system.
  • Your lawyer’s understanding of the system can result in your penalties being reduced or your sentence lowered significantly.
  • An aggressive yet empathetic criminal defense lawyer will support you during this horrific time.

How Do I Begin To Hire a Drug Crimes Lawyer in Las Vegas?

Once you are arrested, the entire legal and criminal process will be mind-boggling and overwhelming. This is especially true if you’ve never had it happen before.

However, if you are charged, your first and most important job is immediately seeking legal assistance. Regardless of what crime you’re charged with, never hesitate to begin your defense. Also note drug charges almost always result in criminal charges, and these more severe cases need to be approached with the correct strategies and follow all legal protocols.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer has the prior knowledge and skills needed to build a solid defense for your case, beginning with how and why you were even arrested.

They will be thoroughly prepared to ensure the prosecution is encountered and that your defense is swift, well-founded, and legally sound. Choosing the right criminal defense law team will also significantly lessen the stress, confusion, and anguish you are experiencing during this time.

This is a critical choice, so choose wisely and ensure your Las Vegas criminal defense law team has the winning record that you desperately need.

I’ve Been Charged With a Drug Crime in Las Vegas; How Should I Proceed?

Unless you have expertise in the Nevada legal system, taking on your case alone or with the wrong law team is highly inadvisable. Your drug crimes lawyer must be extremely familiar with Nevada drug laws and have the trial experience necessary to avoid the dire penalties caused by a drug crime conviction in Nevada.

With over 40 plus years of experience, the Las Vegas law office of Yampolsky & Margolis has all the solid credentials this situation demands. They will consistently and aggressively advocate for you and ensure your voice is heard. Call them today at (702) 385-9777, no matter what your drug charge, and they will do everything legally possible to uphold your freedom and rights.