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Driver Be Aware of Staged Auto Accident

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Considered the largest multi-defendant indictment in Nevada attorney general history.

Twenty-four people were indicted last week facing charges for massive scheme to stage car accidents then filing fraud insurance claims.

In order to avoid being victim of such fraud, Nevadans should be aware of the known types of staged automobile accidents:

Swoop and Squat – A driver causes an intentional and unavoidable rear-end collision by abruptly entering the lane in front of the victim, cutting the victim off, pulling in front of the victim, and forcing the victim to break suddenly. Oftentimes, this staged accident would include two separate automobiles where one driver would pull in front of a co-conspirator’s automobile and brake suddenly for no legitimate reason, giving his co-conspirator cause to also brake suddenly.

Drive Down – While an unsuspecting victim attempts to merge onto a freeway, a driver in the adjacent lane directs the victim forward with a hand motion, then deliberately crashes into their automobile and blames the victim for the collision.

Sideswipe – The victim is in a dual-turn left lane and unintentionally veers the vehicle into the adjacent lane for a few seconds. The driver in the adjacent lane then sideswipes the victim, and subsequently accuses the victim of driving recklessly.

Panic Stop – A driver, typically driving an older vehicle filled with passengers, will position his/her car in front of the victims while a backseat passenger waits until the innocent motorist gets distracted, such as by a cell phone call. At that point, the driver will slam on the brakes, causing the motorist to rear end the criminal’s vehicle.

If you believe you may be a victim of a staged collision, report your suspicion to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Find the original article here, written by Tony Garcia of News3lv.