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Can I Avoid Prosecution with Restitution in Las Vegas?

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What Are Examples of Nevada Laws That Would Allow Me to Avoid Prosecution?

If you are charged with specific unlawful behaviors in Las Vegas (for example, writing bad checks), you will commonly face severe legal consequences for your actions. You, as the defendant, would be charged, typically be prosecuted, and possibly do jail time. This conviction would go on your permanent record and could alter your life forever.

However, there are statutes in Nevada that may allow you to make restitution or complete specific programs in exchange for avoiding prosecution or other severe criminal consequences.

Of course, the circumstances must be correct, and the severity of your charge and crime must fit into specific categories. So, when it’s legally feasible, these “restitution” programs (and others) can provide you with a much better outcome than going to jail.

You must know that time is not on your side if you are charged with a criminal offense. The faster you get the professional advice and guidance of a Las Vegas criminal defense law team, the better your chances of you reducing or even having your charges dropped.

Your experienced, aggressive Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer will give you valuable insight into whether you might be eligible to participate in a program, such as restitution, and altogether avoid prosecution for your crime.

It may be possible to avoid a criminal record by participating in these types of programs. You must note that having a criminal record will follow you for the rest of your life.

Your aggressive, knowledgeable, and winning Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer will begin to work diligently to give you the support you need to maximize your chances of getting approved for a program.

So, don’t waste valuable time, as every second wasted gives the state more time to move forward with its case.

What Are Some Things I Must Know About “Restitution in Las Vegas?

Restitution or restitution order is often used in “white collar” criminal cases in Nevada. Simply put, the purpose of restitution is to make your victim “whole again” by ordering you (as the defendant) to pay a specific amount back to them.

Notably, paying restitution may avoid harsh penalties, such as jail time, but you must understand these programs fully. Understanding all the ramifications of paying restitution and how they apply to you is a critical part of this process.

Restitution may allow you to keep your freedom and more. Still, your detailed Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer will explain that long-term ramifications could affect you, your family, and your income.

Your experienced criminal defense law team may be able to utilize some measures to help lessen the impact of a restitution order. However, it’s all dependent on the details of your case.

For example, where you hold your assets and how it’s done while you are in custody or on probation can be extremely important.

Your case is unique, and only by fully and thoroughly discussing the details of your case with your lawyer will you comprehend how restitution may impact your life.

What Are Some Ways Judges in Las Vegas Determine Restitution?

It’s true that if your charge (or crime) qualifies for restitution, it can benefit you as the defendant. However, setting up restitution, and deciding what you must do, is still a complex legal matter.

For example, in some cases, the victim will provide copies of their bills, receipts, and estimates for repairs to the court and the judge trying their case.

The victim, or their lawyer, may meet with the judge about their losses during your sentencing or restitution hearing.

Your professional, experienced Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer will always ensure that the victim doesn’t fabricate or exaggerate their claims, as they sometimes do. Some victims may feel that they can get more money through restitution. Sometimes we are able to avoid restitution completely.

Your lawyer’s experience and oversight will be invaluable, and they will investigate the victim’s claims and inform the court if they do not seem legitimate.

If the victim’s claims are legitimate, your lawyer will still work to ensure the amount is fair to you or can often negotiate these amounts on your behalf.

Nevada’s restitution statutes are strict, but your lawyer will fight to ensure that they still are fair and equitable to you.

What May Occur If I Don’t Pay My Restitution as Ordered?

This is a vital point, and you must understand that once you are ordered to pay restitution (and stay out of jail, etc.), it must be paid.

If you do not pay your restitution as is ordered, any probation will usually be revoked, a suspended jail sentence may be imposed, and you will go to jail.

If you are on probation, you will be dishonorably discharged from probation. However, If, for any reason, you are unable to pay restitution, you must inform your criminal defense lawyer immediately.

Let’s say “extenuating circumstances” have come up, and you can’t pay what you once could. In this case, your lawyer may be able to make alternative arrangements with the Las Vegas courts.

This modification, if found to be valid by the court, may be temporary or permanent, depending on the circumstances involved. However, by getting ahead of the issue, you can keep your freedom and work through the problem.

I’ve Want To Learn More About Paying Restitution For My Offense; How Should I Proceed?

First, remember that time is not on your side. The faster you contact your Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers, the better the outcome.

Your qualified, professional law team will work to “get ahead” of the prosecution and negotiate your charges down to a dismissal or a less severe offense.

If your case is applicable, your lawyer will always work to get you a restitution order instead of jail time and enormous fines. There even are cases where paying restitution will allow you to keep the crime off your permanent record, which will positively impact your life and your family.

So, consult your Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer now, as your freedom may be on the line.