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Las Vegas Criminal Attorneys Mace Yampolsky & Jason Margolis partner up

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Criminal Lawyers Mace Yampolsky & Jason Margolis join forces in Las Vegas

Mace Yampolsky & Associates is pleased to announce the addition of Jason R. Margolis, Esq. as a named partner of the firm, which has now changed its name to Yampolsky & Margolis Criminal Defense Las Vegas.

“The firm’s name change recognizes Jason’s significant contributions to the firm and the outstanding results he has achieved for our clients,” said Yampolsky/Margolis founding partner and namesake Mace J. Yampolsky. “Jason is a talented attorney whose skilled writing, zealous advocacy and enthusiasm for criminal law brings a unique perspective to complex legal issues.”

Jason R. Margolis is a highly regarded young trial attorney. Jason has represented hundreds of clients on charges ranging from DUI to Attempt Murder and has vigorously fought to obtain the best outcomes for all of our clients, be they privately retained or appointed by the State. A tireless advocate, Margolis has a knack for using his background in history and social science education to craft compelling arguments for juries and sentencing judges alike.

“Jason is a first rate lawyer who has, for nearly a decade, built a rich legal career in front of juries and judges at the state and federal levels,” said Yampolsky. “I am delighted to welcome Jason as my first partner in the firm.”

The new firm name change takes place immediately in Las Vegas. Yampolsky & Margolis Criminal Defense Las Vegas respectfully request that any entity that sees this post please update their information to reflect the new firm name.

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