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My experience sets my firm apart in handling DUI cases, because I have been practicing since 1981. I have
handled thousands of DUIs and I have attended innumerable DUI seminars. I have actually given DUI
seminars and taught other lawyers how to practice DUI defense.

I handle everything when I handle a case, meaning I handle the criminal case and the DMV hearing. We
charge a flat fee, so it would not matter whether we went to two, three or five court appearances or
whether we plead or went to trial, it would just be a flat fee.

Most criminal cases in state court have flat fees. We charge a flat fee for a first time DUI and for a second
time DUI, although we would only charge a flat fee for a third time DUI through the preliminary hearing,
or if the case was negotiated.

We might charge a flat fee if we went to trial although sometimes we do it hourly. My hourly rate is $500
an hour, so the client would not want me to handle a case on an hourly rate because I am very thorough
and it would cost them more money.